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RUIHUA has a great passion and expertise for manufacturing high quality products for capsules, cosmetic and medical beauty treatment aftercare. Furthermore, we aim to provide total solution to our customers. We believe that high quality product always comes from professional technicians and precise equipment. With server quality standard and plenty of talents, we are proud of our product performance. Offering services: OEM/ODM, Cosmetics product development, tailored formulation.

  • We have standard microbiological quality control class laboratory equipment.
  • ◎Manufacturing Zone ◎Filling Zone ◎Packaging Zone ◎Sterilization, Dust-free
  • With such complete equipment installation, GMP standard manufacture, and professional cosmetics formulation laboratory, we satisfy our customers on product request, formulation upgrade and product development.


SPA Professional Product Line

Featured in artificial color-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and non-mineral oil and non-preservatives.
Combination of full course planning, professional massage skills training, we lead you to create fast turn over skin care curriculum.


Medical Beauty Function Series & Aftercare

Exclusive tender formulation with low-allergic ingredients can sooth skin uncomfortable and suit for various medical skin treatment. There are various ingredients which bare international standard, artificial color-free, fragrance-free, alcohol free and non-mineral oil, and suit for laser treatment aftercare. Particularly recommend bio-cellulose mask.