Professional Values

Patented Ingredients

RuiHua continually pursues innovation and development, boasting an extensive range of high-quality materials to meet the ever-evolving market demands. Whether it’s organic, natural ingredient skincare product materials or products with Halal certification, we can provide professional guidance and product solutions to help our customers create a variety of tailored products that align with their needs and achieve their business objectives.

Professional Production Equipment

RuiHua Bio has invested a significant amount of capital in the acquisition and construction of advanced production equipment to ensure that the production process not only complies with relevant regulations but also strives for precision and product quality consistency.

  • A Class 100,000 Clean-room Environment in Compliance with International Standards
    Equipment 1 V1
  • Standard Microbiological Quality Control Laboratory
    Equipment 2 V1
  • Microcomputer-Automated Multi-specification Metered Vacuum Emulsifying Stirring Equipment
    Equipment 3 V1
  • RO High Osmotic Pressure Low-Temperature Constant-Control Filtration Purification System for Pure Water
    Equipment 4 V1
  • Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Filling/Packaging Processing Equipment
    Equipment 5 V1
  • High-Efficiency Production Line Configuration
    Equipment 6 V1