• If you want to make your own product, how can you get started?

    We value communication with our customers because it is the foundation of building a good working relationship. In the early stages of cooperation, we will first have detailed two-way communication with you to understand your needs and determine the product direction and marketing strategy. We will also provide appropriate advice to help customers make the best decisions. Ruihua has a professional team that leads the industry and can meet the needs of customers in 360 degrees.

  • What services can Ruihua provide?

    Ruihua is a professional supplier of production solutions for a variety of skincare products. We provide ODM formula design and brand development, as well as OEM professional manufacturing and small batch manufacturing services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. In addition, we also provide a variety of customized manufacturing services, such as regulatory consulting, certification application, product inspection, and product PIF registration consultation.

  • What is the minimum order quantity required to entrust Ruihua for production?

    The basic shipping quantity of Ruihua is 1,000 ea as a general rule, but this may be adjusted depending on the product type, such as ingredients and capacity. We will provide services from small batches to automated mass production based on your needs and initial budget. Due to the limitations of the production method, please contact us for further discussion on details such as minimum quantity and price.

  • Do you provide manufacturing of professional products for bulk sale?

    Yes, the production of bulk products is similar to the general OEM process, but bulk products are shipped in large packaging.

  • Can I get a sample for testing before placing an order?

    Ruihua attaches great importance to the quality of the products we produce. In order to allow customers to make a more accurate assessment, we will provide samples for customers to test. Before sampling, we will charge a certain sampling fee. You can make up to 2 changes during this period. Usually, our sampling time is about 1-2 weeks, but the specific time will also depend on the difficulty of the product.

  • Can I specify the formula or ingredients I want?

    Ruihua is very happy to provide customized formulas or ingredients for customers. When customers raise their needs, we will follow the relevant inspection procedures to ensure the safety and quality of the formula or ingredients. We can use the formula and ingredients specified by the customer, and we can also provide other relevant choices and suggestions to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

  • Can you create a similar product based on the ingredient list customer preferred?

    Although it is not possible to further understand the brand, grade, concentration, and authenticity of each ingredient from the ingredient list, we can refer to the ingredient list and provide corresponding samples based on the characteristics of the actual product, such as scent, texture, and efficacy, to create a product with a quality that is as close to or even better than the original product.

  • Can I provide my own developed ingredients to Ruihua for production?

    Of course, you can. In order to ensure that the ingredients you provide are compliant with regulations, stable, reliable, and safe, Ruihua will first conduct an evaluation to confirm that the ingredient meets the international naming system for cosmetic ingredients (INCI), the material safety data sheet (MSDS), and the product specification inspection report (COA) at the time of shipment. This can not only avoid the legal risks brought by improper addition of ingredients, but also ensure the safety and health of consumers after using the product.

  • Can I provide my own packaging materials if I have a packaging supplier?

    Of course, you can. However, since bottles of different materials have different compatibility characteristics, we need to ask you to provide bottles for compatibility testing after the order is confirmed. This can avoid problems such as the packaging cannot be used or affect the product quality, and ensure the excellent quality of your product.

  • Do products need to be certified by the government after they are finished?

    Ruihua is a legal skincare manufacturing plant. For general skincare products that do not contain drug ingredients, brands only need to register their products on the website of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. We will provide factory and product information for customers to enter. If you have any questions or need assistance, we are also happy to provide further consulting services.